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Mark King Technical Support has new Twitter Account

We have set up a new Twitter account to post any business / IT News that we might have! Please follow @mk_technical for any updates!

Snooper's Charter & the Queen's Speech

During the Queen's Speech at the Opening of Parliament this month (May 2015) the Queen annouced the introduction of new powers to allow the Police and Intelligence Agencies to monitor criminal's & terrorist's internet activity but this could be used to monitor everyone's internet usage.  For more infomation please see Rory Cellan-Jones' article on the BBC News site.

Vodafone offers fixed-line home broadband in UK

Newbury based mobile phone firm, Vodafone, has today (10th June 2015) decided to enter the home broadband market.  We, at MK Technical Support, believe this can be a good thing as provides competition for the main home broadband providers.  If you would like more information please read this report from the BBC News site.

Broadband 'too slow for millions'

According to Which? magazine up to three-quarters of households in the UK are not getting the top speed from their home broadband.  We, at MK Technical Support, agree with the magazine report that more needs to be done to improve broadband speeds.  This was reported to the BBC News site today (18th June 2015).  If you would like someone to help you aquire the fastest broadband possible in your area then contact us to discuss this in further detail.

Rule change for broadband migration

Britons can now start the process of switching broadband supplier with one phone call.  We feel that this is a big step forward for the broadband industry as this will make switching suppliers even easier as people will not need to make several phone getting things like the MAC code which should now be done behind the scenes by the company that the customer is transferring to.  If you would like more information please read this article on the BBC News site.

 Rural Lancashire finds other means to improve broadband speed

A community in rural Lancashire are improving their dismal broadband by laying their own fibre-optic cable to achieve blisteringly fast speeds of over 800Mb/s, which is the fastest speed in the world!  We, at Mark King Technical Support, might end up re-locating our business to the local area just to get speeds of that fast!!  Please hop over to this BBC News page to view the report.