Services Available

24 Hour Support available on certain services

  • Computer repair;
  • Document templates;
  • Firewalls;
  • Hardware upgrades;
  • Identifying weak points in your IT systems / Firewalls;
  • Network implementation, management and administration;
  • Security analyst;

  • Software and BETA testing;
  • Website coding;
  • Database conversion from MS Access to MySQL;
  • Setting up & monitoring of Twitter;
  • Video conversion from VHS/DVD --> Digital;
  • Selling of used hardware;
  • Secure deletion of business data on devices;
  • Setup & implementation of encryption;
  • System virtualisation using VMWare & HyperV;
  • Utilisation of operating systems such as Windows & Linux;
  • Voice Over IP implementation using Skype or other software/hardware;

Website Coding includes:

  • PHP;
  • MySQL;
  • Javascript;
  • XHTML;
  • Joomla;

Do you have a website?

If you said "Yes!" then we will help streamline your site to see if you could gain additional visitors to your site as there are areas of the UK that are still using dial-up or a really slow broadband connection.  We will also help your site gain valuable awards from the World Wide Web Consortium for XHTML & CSS.